Thursday, March 24, 2011

...and who are YOU?

It's an amazing thing.  There is this little quote that I hear people use from time to time..."you know me better than I know myself."  It kind of bothered me so I spent some time thinking about it and I came to the conclusion, that no, no-one knows you better than you know yourself. 

You know that voice in your head?  Yes that one.  The one that talks to you... all the time?  That voice is yours!  That voice inside your head has really been listening and absorbing since day one; to every sound, taste, touch, smell and every sight both externally and internally.  That voice in your head has taken all that information processed it, sorted it with other information and formed ideas and opinions about it.  All of those things and the choices you make because of them help define you.  That voice in your head can be, at any moment, a catalyst or a saboteur among other things. 

My opinion of you (and that is all it will ever be) is just my opinion of you.  It's not the REAL you.  It's just my spin on you... my perception of you, my belief about you based on what you or others have said about you.  AND my beliefs about myself I've reflected on you.  Hmmm...take some time to think about that because I believe there is a great deal of freedom in understanding this.

Truth be told, those things we don't like about us (or we don't think are acceptable to others), we hide. But usually we are only hiding them from ourselves.  Want to know a little secret about that?  Pssst...they may still be in plain sight for others to see!  I know, you're thinking YIKES!  It's not that we don't know those things about ourselves; we just choose to hide them from ourselves and attempt to hide them from others by putting them in a place we believe that they can't be seen.  Inside.  But yes, they are still there.  I've been told that this is called our "blind spot".  Don't worry!  It's okay, apparently we all have them.  If you are willing to truly be you, you acknowledge this.  And on occasion "boldly go" and take a look at some of those hidden things to accept them, change them, change your attitude about them, or get rid of them completely, forgiving them.  Simple as that.  But most important is that you acknowledge them and give yourself permission to choose whether someone else's perception or opinion about you is important or not.  Is it something you want to change or need to change?  Then you can decide whether or not to act upon it.  Whether to hide it or release it.  It's your choice.

Thanks for letting me share that with you!

And, speaking of hiding...I'd like to welcome you to my favorite hiding place.  This is StudioV.  This is where the business me temporarily casts aside it's type A personality and becomes the artist and creator me.  This is where my bliss happens.  I sit down at this bench, sometime with an idea, sometimes not.  And suddenly it just gushes out.  Stones and beads of all colors come together.  With metals clashing and dancing; pieces of this and that coming to form. Yes, definitely creating little expressions of me in these pieces and sometimes including little expressions of you, too. 

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by and thank you for being you!  ;-D

Feel free to visit my website, my Artfire shop (links are also right there to your right) and my facebook page at to see what comes out of the other side of StudioV! 


  1. Firstly, let me say your studio looks beautiful! Clean was the second word that came to mind.... I am working to tackle mine this week.

    Vickie, you are perfectly suited for blogging. The world needs your voice, your thoughts, and your words especially in this time. We are changing rapidly, awakening to what is true, what is real and you are a natural for helping people transition to a fuller knowing of who they are. Much love and light to you, Miss Vickie. I'm so grateful we met in FB Land.

  2. Thanks so much Lille! I must tell you that it is not always this clean, but I do try. To me, a clean studio is like starting with a blank canvas. Fresh and ready to be splashed with color. ;-D

    I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I completely agree that now is the time to awaken to the truth that is within each of us. Love and light to you as well! Blessings and Namaste dear Lille!

  3. Your newest follower via TAG!
    Your studio is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  4. Thank so much Maureen! Welcome to my blog! Happy to be a part of TAG! ;D