Saturday, July 25, 2015

Just cheer me on...

It's been a while...I've been busy with many life changes and somewhat unfocused!

A welcome interruption,that keeps me busy.

Because of these things I get lots of unsolicited advice and opinions from friends and acquaintances. Perhaps this happens to you, too. It's all well meaning, I have no doubt. But for me, rather than helping and motivating it tends to add complication, muddle my thoughts and focus, and actually gets me more off track. I'm self motivated and driven from birth (just ask my mom).  And, I'm pretty good at getting off track by myself thanks, but can more quickly recover on my own. So, here's a simple note to those helpful friends...I love you. I know you mean well...but if you really want to help, simply cheer me on.  No advise, no opinions...just love, just support, just cheer me on...and maybe come share a cup of coffee or tea with me and chat about nothing important at all...except maybe cats.

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